DR Intelligent Analysis System

DR intelligent analysis system, which takes advantage of deep learning technology with GPU high performance computing, can deal with huge amount of DR images precisely with low latency and high throughput.

DR product line

DR product line includes computer-aided diagnostic system with image segmentation, image enhancement, lesion detection, automatic report generation system , image quality control system, and a suite of software system that connects township hospitals with image center.

DR intelligent reading system

DR intelligent reading system is able to identify multiple lesions in various parts of the body, especially the small nodules and fractures of the lungs,much better than doctors, and it can reduce misdiagnosis.

DR image segmentation system

The image semantic segmentation technique is used to automatically segment DR images according to the medical anatomy which helps locate the lesions and obtain more reasonable analysis results.

  • 01

    DR report generation system can automatically generate reports based on image analysis result, which increases the productivity of radiologists, and makes the report more standardized.

  • 02

    DR intelligent diagnosis system engine has been seamlessly embedded into image center’s daily radiology workflow and will be optimized continuously