Breast cancer automatic screening system

Cancer is one of the most dangerous killers on human health and for now there is not a reasonable solution found. Pathological analysis is the gold standard for cancer diagnosis. In general, it is better for cancer patients to be treated earlier if they can be diagnosed early, thus significantly to extend their survive . Without any doubt, early screening is very important against cancer at this stage.


The breast cancer pathological slice analysis software with deep learning technology can automatically evaluate the key indexes of breast cancer, such as the number of nuclear fission images and achieve the morphological analysis of the cell nucleus, which gives a quantitative estimation of the degree of cancer and provides evidence for the diagnosis.

The core algorithm has won the first place in the mitos-atypia -14 Contest.

  • 01


    Greatly reduce the burdens of pathologists

  • 02


    Reduce diagnostic inconsistency between pathologists

  • 03


    Reduce the occurrence of missed diagnosis